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H+K becomes a participant in the "Zero Pellet Loss" initiative

Join forces for a clean environment: The GKV/TecPart initiative is dedicated to the current topic of marine litter: waste in the oceans. Convinced of this goal, we would also like to make our contribution and are now participating in the campaign "Zero Pellet Loss".

The aim of this initiative is to prevent plastic granulates from entering the environment or the sewerage system and then being found on coasts and in the sea.
What does this mean for H+K?

Our task will be to identify possible weak points around losses of granulates and pellets that could be released into the environment and then take appropriate countermeasures. It is also important to us to raise awareness among our employees, who we would like to familiarize with the presence and topicality of the issue by means of training courses.

We see it as our duty to protect nature and look forward to being part of this truly meaningful - and, in our view, necessary - initiative.

More information on the "Zero Pellet Loss" initiative and marine litter can be found on the following websites:

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