Hunold + Knoop Kunststofftechnik GmbH
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59590 Geseke

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For the first time we were able to produce prototypes made of 3D-printed tool inserts. The significant advantages of this Rapid-Prototyping-Process are enormous saving of time and production of sample parts made of thermoplastic polymers.

The 3D-print is very limited in material selection. Very good representative or installation samples can be produced and pictures can be taken. The limit of this process is reached when it comes to mechanical or thermal high stress loads.

Here, the new technology „Rapid Tooling“ remedies. The tool inserts are printed literally „overnight“, so that the parts made of the specified polymers for the serial production can be produced on the injection moulding machine the very next day. This way products are created that directly can be used in mechanical oder thermal tests, without having to produce a time-consuming aluminium or steel tool beforehand. This is revolutionary and opens completely new horizons within the product development process.

If the procedure meets with your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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